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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thoughts on family

Lately, I have been worried that my orthodox views will get me and my family in trouble. More particularly that i would be killed or jailed and that my family would suffer. While roaming around on the blogs i noticed that many Catholic men had this same worry. Then last night as I was stepping out of the bathtub and wiping myself dry something hit me. A scripture verse to be precise. 'If anyone puts family of friends before me he is not worth to enter the Kingdom of God' BANG like a bolt from the blue. All my worries about what would happen to my family vanished. I thought about it more, if I did not put God first then I would be really losing my family, but if I did put God first, it would appear that I would be losing my family for now but in the end when it mattered I would gain family. This corresponds with another bible verse ' He who loses his life for my sake gains it and He who tries to save his life will lose it'. My life to me is my family. Thus i think God is asking me to put Him first above even Family. After all he gave me the gift of life and family and He has the right to take it away if He so chooses.


Anonymous said...

The way the world is moving it certainly seems a storm is coming and like you I have wondered if a red martyrdom might be facing me and mine.
Your thoughts help a great deal. I am trying not to be afraid even as the signs of the times point to a nasty time ahead.
One day at a time and see to the children's eternal wellbeing.

Simplex Vir said...

It may come to this but you do have a right and duty to protect your family.

God would not want to take away your family "if he so chooses". It may come to your family being taken away but that can only come from the Devil. To break you because he knows your family is a weakness for you.

It is like that for many a Catholic man. We must pray and be at the ready! Great thoughts you are very insightful buddy!

Shirley said...

Trusting in God is the only way I can keep my sanity in these horrific times we live in. Never has the culture of death been so widespread. We must all fight for our faith- and that will definitely take most of us out of our comfort zone.