New Insights on the Gospels

March for Life 2012

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing - Edmund Burke

Dr. Plinio Articles

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  1. Is there a solution when society is corrupt.
  2. The Month of Mary
  3. Dear Atheist Pasrt 3
  4. Dear Atheist Part 2
  5. Dear Atheist Part 1
  6. St. Catherine of Siena
  7. The Sword
  8. St. Mark the Evangelist
  9. The Lesson of Our Lady's Sword of Sorrow
  10. Our Lord's Agony in the Garden
  11. The Three falls of our Lord and the Three degrees of tiredness
  12. The Crowning with Thorns
  13. They tied his hands becasue He did Good
  14. Passion of Christ - Passion of the Church
  15. St Joseph Martyr of Grandeur
  16. St Joan of Valois
  17. Considerations on Catholic Culture Part 5
  18. Considerations on Catholic Culture Part 4
  19. Considerations on Catholic Culture Part 3
  20. Considerations on Catholic Culture Part 2
  21. Considerations on Catholic Culture Part 1
  22. St Sebastian
  23. St Paul the Hermit
  24. Circumsicion of Our Lord
  25. Epiphany
  26. St John of the Cross
  27. St John Damascene
  28. St Catherine Laboure
  29. Sts Simon and Jude
  30. St John of Capistrano
  31. St Michael the Archangel
  32. St Matthew the Evangelist
  33. Thoughts on Labour
  34. St Louis IX King of France
  35. St Clare of Assisi
  36. St Laurence
  37. St John Baptist Vianney
  38. St Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri
  39. St Bridget of Sweden
  40. St Mary Magdalene
  41. St Henry II Emperor
  42. St Thomas the Apostle
  43. Sts Peter and Paul
  44. St Cyril of Alexandria
  45. St Thomas More
  46. St Ephraem
  47. St Boniface
  48. St Philip Neri
  49. Pope St Gregory VII
  50. St Matthias the Apostle
  51. St Louis Grignion De Montfort
  52. St Mark
  53. St Adalbert of Prague
  54. St Martin I
  55. St Isidore of Seville
  56. St Cyril of Jerusalem
  57. St Patrick
  58. St Clement Mary Hofbauer
  59. St Leander of Seville
  60. St Frances of Rome
  61. St Casimir
  62. Seven Holy Founders of the Servites
  63. St John Bosco
  64. St Thomas Aquinas
  65. St Timothy
  66. St Agnes
  67. St Paul the Hermit
  68. St Felix of Nola
  69. St Raymond of Penyafort
  70. St Gregory Nazianzen
  71. St Basil the Great
  72. Our lady of Guadalupe
  73. The Immaculate Conception and the enemies of the Church
  74. St Francis Xavier
  75. St Catherine of Alexandria
  76. The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  77. St Elizabeth Of Hungary
  78. St Albert the Great
  79. St Martin of Tours
  80. Pope St Leo the Great
  81. St Charles Borromeo
  82. All Saints Day
  83. St Anthony Mary Claret
  84. Love and Fear and Christian Piety
  85. St Margaret mary Alacoque
  86. St Teresa of Avila
  87. St. Callistus of Huesca
  88. St Francis Borgia
  89. Our Lady of the Rosary
  90. St Francis of Assisi
  91. Feast of the Guardian Angel
  92. St Jerome
  93. St Michael the Archangel
  94. St Wenceslas
  95. St Elzear
  96. St Robert Bellarmine
  97. The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady
  98. The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
  99. Forms of Government
  100. St Thomas Of Villanova
  101. St John the Baptist
  102. St Augustine
  103. The Importance of Suffering
  104. Catholic Sense
  105.  Refelctions on Beer
  106. St Rose of Lima
  107. Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  108. St Pius X
  109. St Bernard
  110. Dressing Well: Vanity or Virtue?
  111. St John Eudes
  112. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  113. Our Lady's birth and the triumph of her reign
  114. True role of the guardian angels
  115. False Pieties
  116. Expectation of Our Lady
  117. Gathered Round the Manger
  118. And the Word was made Flesh
  119. The Three Kings
  120. Small Symptoms of a great Transformation
  121. The True Meaning of Easter
  122. What is Tolerance?
  123. Requirements for leadership
  124. Zeal for the Holy Name of Mary
  125. Discovering the Wisdom of St. Ignatius
  126. Considerations on the conversion of St. Paul