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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ordination of a close family member

Dear Readers,

I have been away this Christmas to attend the ordination of a dear family member who was ordained a priest. He belongs to the order which is called the Heralds of the Gospel a link of which can be found at the link list of this blog.

Below I am embedding 2 videos of the ordination. It would be really nice if my readers could visit the TV website of the Heralds of the Gosple at TV Arautos


Adrienne said...

Happy New Year to you and your family and congratulations on the ordination of your family member.

Smiley said...

hi Adrienne

Thanks so much. It was such a blessed and grace filled Christmas for the whole family. I still feel like i am walking in the clouds.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful event. Happy New year and congratulations to your new Father in the family.
God bless

Smiley said...

Thank you Mum6Kids

Warren said...

The Heralds of the Gospel came to my parish in Scarborough once. Awesome guys. Wicked cool duds tool. Almost as cool as the Swiss Guard uniforms of the pope's private guard.