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Monday, May 18, 2009

St. Paul in the Square

(Click on image for panoramic view)

On the 17th May 2009, the Archdiocese of Toronto organized St. Paul in the Square to mark the end of the year of St. Paul. This event was at Dundas Square which is in the heart of the city of Toronto.
The program began at 3:00pm with the rosary and the litany to St. Paul. This was followed by some praise and worship music by Susan Hookong Taylor and Ana DaCosta who is the composer of 'Song of the Cross' which was the theme song of World Youth Day Toronto 2002.

After short break, Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto did Lectio Divina which is reading from the bible with meditation. This was very beautiful and dealt with the life of St. Paul, Reflection on Acts 17:16-34
. I shall go into this in detail in posts over the week ahead.

The program ended with Music by Matt Maher.

For pictures of this event, please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a slide show at the bottom.

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