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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sts. Marian and James - 6 May 2009

Often, it’s hard to find much detail from the lives of saints of the early Church. What we know about the third-century martyrs we honor today is likewise minimal. But we do know that they lived and died for the faith. Almost 2,000 years later, that is enough reason to honor them.

Born in North Africa, Marian was a lector or reader; James was a deacon. For their devotion to the faith they suffered during the persecution of Valerian.

Prior to their persecution Marian and James were visited by two bishops who encouraged them in the faith not long before they themselves were martyred. A short time later, Marian and James were arrested and interrogated. The two readily confessed their faith and, for that, were tortured. While in prison they are said to have experienced visions, including one of the two bishops who had visited them earlier.

On the last day of their lives, Marian and James joined other Christians facing martyrdom. They were blindfolded and then put to death. Their bodies were thrown into the water. The year was 259.


Linan said...

Good morning,
I found your blog while looking for the name of one of the figures at the Basilica San Paola Fuori Le Mure (St Paul's Outside the Wall). So, hello, thank you and God bless you.

Smiley said...

Hi Linan

I am currently running a competition on my blog. All posters will be put down for a lucky draw and the winner gets a booklet on the Divine Mercy. I am putting your name down on the draw.