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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi - 21 July 2009

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi is the Apostolic Doctor and the doctor of conversions and missions. He lost his parents at an early age and was educated by his uncle. Brindisi was first sent to the Conventual Franciscans for his early education. His parents named him Julius Caesar. In many respects, his presence was as a leading general as the famous Julius Caesar of Rome. As appointed chaplain-general, he led armies during European battles and skirmishes. The crushing defeat of the Turks was attributed to Lawrence. Emperors, kings, popes, dukes and heads of state requested his support. He gave advice to generals, rallied the troops and led many missions carrying the cross of Christ as his effective sign and weapon.

Our saint labored for the church, his Franciscan Religious Order-the Capuchins, his country, those who supported religion and all that Christ was sent to save. God would have sent the Savior of the world, according to St Lawrence, even if Adam had not sinned. That is how much God desires to share eternal love with us even before we possess it later in eternity. God is, in a sense, impatient, when it comes to love. He is an impetuous, impressive and impassionate Lover first and foremost. God's Savior role came after sin entered into the soul of humankind.

According to this champion doctor, the Father would have sent his Son if no original sin occurred. Perhaps his main goal in his lifetime was to provide, preach, and expose missions. It has been said that Lawrence was one of the greatest preachers in the history of Christianity. Lawrence realized fully that the Savior had been sent. His efforts were to talk, convert and help people to be saved. In addition, for Lawrence, the Son was sent to save all with no exceptions. We too, according to the degree of our faith, have the same mission as Lawrence. We are called and chosen to assist others as they need our help and according to our gifts.

Lawrence was gifted with remarkable talent, intelligence and, most of all, language ability. He spoke eight languages fluently. He served others through his preaching and missions. He led missions against other religions and anywhere Catholicism needed support. He performed reconciliation efforts against heretics all over Europe and always with empathy, sensitivity and compassion.

In times past, religions would have been exceedingly hostile against others. Persecutions, wars, and even brutual punishment among brothers, sisters and families within the same religion happened. Times have changed hopefully if we have learned anything about authentic love. Charity and love must supersede all other religions. Reverence not only for all religions but now we must have a whole new faternal attitude toward all people, nationalities, race, gender, and elimination of sordid bias, prejudice and discrimination must be the new Christian motif of all future generations.

Respect for Hinduism, Buddist, Jainist, Muslims, Sikh, Baha'i, Sinto, African Native, Zoroastrian, Native American, Jewish and Christianity, to name but a few major religions, must be the obligation for all decent human beings.

Saint Lawrence was a biblical scholar and the pope requested him to preach to the Jews. He spent much time in conversion attempts. His language abilities were flawless and wherever he spoke the people thought he was a native of that place. The rabbis felt he was a Jew who had become a Christian.

This amazing Franciscan wrote extensively filling many volumes including his sermons, which were always substantiated by scriptural quotations. His brilliance was matched with great human compassion and administrative skills. He was quickly elected to the highest office in his religious order, minister-general. He was responsible for the Capuchin's growth and geographical expansion.

St Lawrence was appointed papal emissary. He was a powerful peacemaker. His positions took him to many foreign countries. He was so influential that he was asked to settle royal quarrels, be a diplomat and work for pacification and healing among many nations.

Our saint burned himself out with goodwill for those whom he served. He realized how deeply God loved all creations in sending Jesus Christ. He felt we too should ask to be sent, as our Brother, to help others. This made sense to Lawrence’s way of thinking because humankind had sinned and committed original sin. His main goal was to give mission (talks and instructions about the faith) to change hearts and be drawn back to God. This is conversion. He decided early to be God's messenger and active minister.

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