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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

St. Priscilla - 8th July 2009

St. Priscilla and her husband, St. Aquila of the Seventy, were Jewish Christians. Originally from Pontus (in Egypt), they moved to Rome to work as tentmakers. After they were exiled from Rome during the expulsion of the Jews in 49 AD, however, they moved to Corinth and met St. Paul.

Ss. Priscilla and Aquila moved to Ephesus and established a church in their home. In Ephesus they discipled Apollo, a famous early evangelist in the Church. They moved back to Rome for a while, where their tireless work for God prompted St. Paul to praise them in Romans 3-4. In the end, they returned to Ephesus, where St. Aquila was a bishop with St. Timothy.

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