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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in India

In India during Christmas, Catholics put up a big star outside their houses, or if the apartment building is full of Catholics then a big star like the one above is put up. This star reminds us about the Star that led the Wise men to our Lord Jesus Christ. I miss seeing such stars outside Catholic homes in Canada.

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Warren said...

I wonder if this tradition is similar to the Philippino Catholic Tradition of Capiz Parol (brightly lit lanterns often in a star shape with brightly colored glass, made from mother-of-pearl sea-shell dyed in bright colors).

We have one in our front window. Although I am not Pinoy myself, I really like them, so I bought one.

I suggest all Catholics in north America should go get one of those. It's 21st century, time for us to spread some old traditions.