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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Judging Panel of the "Angelicum" in Rome awarded the highest Possible grade to the doctoral thesis of Msgr. Joao Scognamiglio Cla Dias,EP, entitle

In Rome-the worldwide centre for academic formation of the clergy the renowned Pontifical University of ST. Thomas Aquinas, commonly known as the Angelicum stands out. Belonging to the Order of Preachers, this institution of higher learning dales back to the medieval Studium established in 1220. Its faculties of Philosophy and Canon Law have more than a century of tradition; the former was founded in 1882 and the latter in 1896.

Content of the Doctoral Thesis

On November 27, 2009 Msgr. Joao Scognamiglio Cla Dias defended his doctoral thesis in Canon Law in this renowned university. Entitled “The Genesis and Development of the Heralds of the Gospel Movement and Its Canonical Recognition”, the work is aimed at "assessing which juridical model most suits the Heralds' Movement."

The thesis is composed of three chapters. The first chapter examines various existing association models within the present canonical legislation. The second chapter outlines the vocational journey of the founder, and the juridical evolution of the Movement, from its genesis until the present. Also in this chapter, is a detailed explanation of the import ant role of Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira in the religious, philosophical and cultural formation of , Msgr. Joao Scognamiglio CIa Dias, showing clearly how the thought and personality of this Outstanding Catholic lay figure of the Twentieth century influenced the charism of the Heralds of the Gospel. The third chapter presents the essential elements of the charism and spirituality of the Movement, which can be summarized as an ardent devotion to the Holy Eucharist, Mary and the Pope. Finally, the author of the thesis draws important and valuable conclusions.

The opinion of the Judges

The judging panel was composed of Rev. Fr. Bruno Esposito, OP, Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law and Thesis Moderator; Rev. Fr. Jan Sliwa, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law; and Rev. Fr. Marcelo Santos das Neves, OP, acclaimed professor of the Faculty of Canon Law and Thesis Censor. After the exposition, Fr. Bruno Esposito and Fr. Marcelo Santos das Neves addressed various questions to Msgr. Joao and, subsequently, gave their assessment of the work presented. They noted that this had been the first defence of a thesis made by a founder in the Angelicum. The thesis of Msgr. Joao Scognamiglio Cla Dias received the highest possible grade.

(This article is from the Heralds of the Gospel Magazine)

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