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Sunday, February 21, 2010

St. Peter Damian - Eucharistic Miracle

St. Peter Damian, a Doctor of the Church, describes an important Eucharistic miracle of which he was a direct witness. We present the Italian translation of the episode as the Saint himself describes it: “This is a Eucharistic event of great importance. It took place in 1050. Giving in to a horrible temptation, a woman was about to take the Eucharistic Bread home to use the Sacred Species for sorcery. But a priest noticed what she had done and ran after her, taking away from her the Host she had sacrilegiously stolen. Then he unfolded the white linen cloth in which the sacred Host had been wrapped and found that the Host had been trans- formed in such a way that Half had become visibly the Body of Christ, while the other Half preserved the normal look of a Host. With such a clear testimony, God wanted to win over unbelievers and heretics who refused to accept the Real Presence of the Eucharistic mystery: in one half of the consecrated bread the Body of Christ was visible, while in the other the natural form, thus highlighting the reality of the sacramental trasubstantiation taking place at the Consecration.”

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breadgirl said...

Hi Smiley
This is very interesting. There have been so many instances, miracles, involving the Blessed Sacrament. I have a lovely little book, "Moments Divine Before the Blessed Sacrament", and it relates many such miracles as you relate here. Praise God for His goodness to us. Thanks Smiley and God bless you.