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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Judas betrays Our Lord

This painting is by Fra Angelico. I love this painting and is my second favourite Fra Angelico painting. What I love most about this painting is the look of Jesus. When I look at His face I see sadness in His eyes. He is not condemning Judas, in fact the look is not even reproachful, it is a look of sadness. A two fold sadness, one because one of His very own has betrayed him and sadder still because Jesus being God knows the heart of man (Judas) and knows that Judas will despair and commit suicide.

I love this painting because often I think Jesus looks at me the same way, when I do terrible sinful things, He looks at me. He who carved me in the palm of His hand, who waited till 1979 for me to be born, He who decided that I be born and raised Catholic, He looks at me with the same sad look. He who feeds me with His own body, He looks at me because I have partaken of the divine feast and yet I have kissed and betrayed Him.

Oh my Heavenly Mother, have mercy of me, implore your Son our Lord Jesus to stir up real contrition in me that I may never betray Him again. And if I dare to fall into the clutches of sin, my Mother please never let me despair but humbly with thy prayers and graces return humbly to thy Son seeking his mercy and forgiveness.

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