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Friday, April 16, 2010

Qutes by St. Josemaria Escriva - part 3

A continuation of quotes from the book THE WAY by St. Josemaria Escriva

56. The "stuff" of saint. That's what is said about some people - that they have the stuff of saints. But apart from the fact that saints are not made of "stuff", having "stuff is not sufficient.
A great spirit of obedience to a director and a great readiness to correspond to grace are required. For if you dont allow God's grace and your director to do thier work, the sculptured image of Christ, into which the sainly man is shaped will never apper.
And that "stuff" of which we have been speaking will be only a rough, unshaped log fit for the fire - for a good fire if it is a good "stuff"

57. Get to know the Holy Spirit, the Great Unknown, the one who has to sanctify you.
Dont forget that you are a temple of God. The Paraclete is in the center of your soul: listen to him, and follow his inspirations with docility.

58. Dont hinder the work of the Paraclete. Be united to Christ in order to purify yourself, and together with him experince the insults, the spit, the blows and the thorns...Experince with him the wieght of the corss, the nails tearing your flesh, and the agony of a forsaken death...And enter into the pierced side of our Lord Jesus until you find secure shelter in his wounded heart.

59. It's good for you to know this doctrine, which is always sound: your own spirit is a bad advisor, a poor pilot to steer your soul through the squalls and storms and across the reefs of the interior life.
That's why it is the will of God that the command of the ship be entrusted to a master who, with his light and knowledge, can guide us to a safe port.

60. You wouldn't think of building a good house to live in here on earthe without and architect. How can you ever hope, without a director, to build the castle of your sanctification in order to live forever in Heaven?

61. When a layman sets himself up as a arbiter of morals, he frequently errs; laymen can be only disciples.

62. A director - you need one, in order to offer yourself, to surrender obedience. You need a director who undersatnd your apostolate, who knoes what God wants. SUch a one will effectively help to forward the work of the Holy Spirit in your soul, without taking you from your palce, filling you with peace and teaching you how your work can be fruitful.

63. YOu think you are really somebody: your studies - your research, your publications, your social position - your name, your political acomplishments - the offices you hold; your welath; your longer a child!
Precisely becasue of all of this, you - more than others - need a director for your soul.

64. Dont hide the suggestions of the devil from your director. When you confide them to him, your victory brings you more grace from God. Moreover, you now have the gift of counsel and the prayers of a spiritual father to help you keep right on conquering.

65. Why do you hesitate to know yourself and to let your director know you as you really are?
YOu'll have won a great battle if you lose the fear of letting yourself be known.

66. A priest - whoever he may be - is always another Christ.

67. Though you know it well, I want to remind you again that a preist is "another Chirst" and that the HOly Spirit has said "nolite tangere Christos meos" - "Do not tuch my Christs"

68. Presbyter - priest - stymologically means and elderly man. If old age deserves reverance, think how much more you ought to revere the priest.

69. What a lack of refinement - and waht a lack of respect - to play a trick on a preist, whoever he may be, under any circumstances!

70. I insist: those tricks or jokes about a preist, in spite of what may seem to you to be attenuating circumstances, awlays are at least vulgar, a lack of good manners.

71. How we should admire purity in the preisthood! It is its treasure. No tyrant will ever be able to wrest this crown from the Chruch.

72. Dont ever make a preist run the risk of losing his dignity. Its is a virtur which, without pompusness, he simply must have.
How hard that young priest- a friend of ours- prayed for it: " Lord grant me... eighty years of dignity1"
You too should pray for it for all priests, and you'll have done something good.

73. It hurt you like a dagger in your heart to hear people say you had spoken badly of those priests. And I'm glad it hurt, for now I'm quite sure you have the right spirit.

74. To love God and not to revere the priest...This is not possible.

75. Like the good sons of Noah, cover the weaknesses you may see in your father, the priest, with the coack of charity.

76. If you dont have a plan of life, you'll never have order.

77. You told me that to tie yourself to a plan of life, to a schedule, would be so monotonous!
And I answered, "It is monotonous becasue you lack love."

78 If you dont get up at a set hour, you'll never fulfill your plan of life.

79 Virtur with out order? strange virtue!

80. With order, your time will be multiplied, and you will be able to give more glory to God by doing more work in his service.

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