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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Faith - by Pope John Paul II

The Difficulty of believing today

As we are well aware, contemporary civilization is permeated with different currents - not only Christian ones but alto anti-Christian, non-Christian, non religious and anti-religious ones. And sometimes these latter currents seem to dominate the thinking of contemporary society. This situation needs commitment if it is to be overcome: the commitment of all Christians who are aware of what it means to be a Christian. Christ says that his Father too has a 'culture', a culture in the deepest sense of the word: that culture which is the true perfection of the human spirit, its completeness in the natural, human sense and in the supernatural sense too.
It isn't easy to be authentic Christians in the context of modern society, with the strands of renascent paganism running through it. But it wasn't easy yesterday either, when circumstances were different. It is harder still to create a wider social environment inspired by the great Gospel Values. But we must strive to do this, putting our trust in the creative power that flows from the grace of the Risen Christ.
There are no types of society that can claim to be free of negative elements. Even roses have thorns.

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