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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Parables of the Kingdom - Part V - Mons João Clá Dias

The Parables of the Kingdom - Part V - Mons João Clá Dias

V - Epilogue

Jesus taught His disciples the substance and the beauties of the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore making them doctors. Thus, well formed, it was their duty to teach others with an abundance and variety of doctrine, proportionate to the level and needs of their audience, without ever being caught "empty handed." "Because in the same way that the father of a family, should nourish his own with corporal food, so the evangelical doctor should sustain the Christian people with spiritual food."

It is also necessary - when we have others under our care - to employ all the best means of erudition, both past and present, and the most captivating didactics, to instruct and form them.

On this occasion, Jesus contemplated the future of His work, no longer merely from the eternal knowledge springing from His divinity, nor from the beatific vision of His soul in glory alone, but through His human experience. He discerned the splendours of the final outcome of all events, after all of His sufferings and torments during the Passion. he rejoiced to see, in advance, the triumph of His disciples, the triumph of the Church, and of the good in general, after the Judgement, as well as the justice of the Father falling upon those who would reject His Revelation. This is why He unveiled before the public - as well as His disciples - future panoramas, at times grave and foreboding, at other times dazzling with marvellous splendours. His listeners were occasionally filled with fear and trembling; at other moments, with consolation and hope. Fear is an excellent deterrent in face of the invitation to evil, and hope is one of the best incentives leading us to God.

Let us set our minds and hearts on the marvels of the Kingdom of Heaven, and maintain an enduring terror of eternity in Hell. Thus, we will be prepared to take our place among those guests who will be on the right of Jesus in the Final Judgement!

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