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Evil triumphs when good men do nothing - Edmund Burke

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holy yet sinful - Bl. Pope John Paul II

We have to acknowledge that, the Church also being a community made up of sinners, there has been no lack over the centuries of transgressions against the law of love. I mean the failures of individuals and groups sporting the name of Christian, on the plane of mutual relations, whether of the order of person to person, or of social and international dimensions.
That is the sorry fact, found in the history of men and nations, and in Church history too. Aware of their true vocation to love following Christ's example, Christians humbly and penitently confess those offences against love, yet without ceasing to believe in the love that, according to St Paul, 'endures whatever comes' and 'will never come to an end' (1 Corinthians 13:7-8). But if the history of mankind and of the Church abounds in sins against charity which grieve and sadden us, we must at the same time joyfully and gratefully recognize that throughout the Christian centuries there has never been a lack of marvellous witness on behalf of love, and that many a time - as well we remember - the witness borne has been heroic.

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