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Evil triumphs when good men do nothing - Edmund Burke

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Minimalist Does Not Love - St Peter Julian Eymard

Our Lord wants us to have a passionate love for Him. No virtue or thought that does not become a passion will ever produce anything great. Love triumphs only when it becomes a vital passion. Otherwise, isolated acts of love can be produced, but one’s whole existence is neither conquered nor offered. For our love to become
a passion it must abide by the laws of human passions. I speak of decent, naturally good passions, since passions are indifferent in themselves. We make them evil when we direct them towards evil; it is up to us to use them for the good.
A dominant passion concentrates a man’s efforts and  makes him work exclusively to attain his goal no matter
what happens. Also, in the order of salvation, we need to have a passion that dominates our life and makes it produce for the glory of God all the fruits the Lord expects. Love a virtue, truth or mystery with a passion! Dedicate your life, thoughts and  labors to it or you will never achieve anything. Look at the saints. Their burning love carries them away, makes them suffer, spends their strength, and causes their death. Exaggerated? What is love if not an exaggeration? To exaggerate is to surpass the law. He who only fulfills his obligation does not love. Let us love our good Savior for His own sake! Let us forget ourselves and immolate ourselves a little! Look at how candles are consumed, leaving nothing for themselves!

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