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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Confession Is Important and Fiercely Attacked - St John Bosco

Not so long ago, a cocky individual came to me [SaintJohn Bosco—Ed.] and asserted that he could cite many instances when priests had violated the seal of confession. I replied that even if a priest should betray his ministry, this would not lessen the sanctity of the sacrament. Are we to blame all the Apostles because Judas was a traitor?

Since my opponent insisted that he knew what he was talking about,I said:“I will wager five hundred lire that neither you nor any of your friends can prove even one such case.”

“Fine!” he replied.“Put the money down. I’ll be back here Saturday.”‘Wait,”I said.“I’ve been through this sort of thing before!One fellow said he would return, but he never did.”

“I’ll be back without fail,” the man asserted.“I give you my word of honor.”

Well,I never saw the man again! Nor do I expect to see him because he will never be able to prove his claim. Time and again I have found that those who decry confession have no better arguments than vague allegations.

There is not the slightest doubt that our Faith is being bitterly attacked in these tragic times. Since the forces of evil will fail unless they can first persuade Catholics to give up confession,they will direct their major attacks against this wholesome practice. One who abandons confession, if left to himself,will sink deeper in sin;like a frail plant exposed to the fury of the winds,he will fall into most deplorable excesses. To destroy the very idea of confession,Protestant publications are continually telling Catholics that confession is not of Divine institution and must therefore be rejected.

Meanwhile, deeply grieved by the harm daily perpetrated against the Church,I urge all Catholics to be brave and steadfast in the Faith.Yes,dear fellow Catholics, be brave! Let us cling firmly to the Church founded by Jesus Christ, and to His Vicar, the Pope. Let us hold fast to the Church that has been persecuted through the centuries but has always triumphed.

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