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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mission Statement of this Blog

This Blog is dedicated to Our Lady. It's purpose is to help build up faith in the True Holy Roman Apostolic Church. This blog aims to remain true to to the Roman Pontiff and the teachings of the Church Magesterium.
All posts on this blog along with replies will be moderated and items which go against the mission statement and purpose of this blog will not be printed.
This bog is called Dies Irae which is Latin for 'Day of Judgment'. As many Saints of the Catholic Church have written to us, if we keep our final end in mind we will be horrified by sin and its affects in relation to God. Keeping the image of Dies Irae in mind let us march forward knowing that our every action, thought, word and deed will either take us closer to Heaven or to final damnation in Hell.
Salve Maria

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Shirley said...

Welcome to the world of Catholic blogging! It is always good to see another blogger added to our ever growing pool of Catholics willing to share their faith with the world. I look forward to reading your posts.