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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Support Pope Benedict

In France, but probably also in other countries, the media, including alas so called catholic media, have been very hostile to the Pope's decision concerning the excommunication of four bishops of the SSPX. A petition against the decree is even circulating. We then decided to take the opportunity to say thank you to the Holy Father and to give him our full support. This initiative was launched by a group of friends, some of them from the SSPX, most of them not, but all of them very grateful to the Holy Father.


Warren said...

Nevertheless, it remains true that one of the SSPX bishops who was just "un-excommunicated" is a complete crackpot. He is a holocaust denier (he did so on public television), and if you care to, you can read his blog, where he is openly hostile to those people including Benedict XVI, that he calls the "Concilliar Popes" (those with whom we mightly intellectuals of the SSPX happen to disagree).

Williamson, the former anglican, now rad-trad crazy bishop, is a source of scandal to the whole church now, whereas he was previously only a scandal within the rather scandalous SSPX community itself.

Traddies should look at him and be wary, of the scary places where being a traddy can take you.


Smiley said...

Hi Warren,

I agree that Williamson is a bad apple. However there are many Catholics who follow the SSPX i believe about a million of them and the Pope is more interested in bringing them back to the true Church. For the want of one confused Bishop we should not deny the whole group. Infact the head of the SSPX has also denounced what Willaimson has said.

Warren said...

Fellay should do more than forbid him to speak on this matter, he should petition B. XVI to place the man on Interdict.