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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exodus 2009 - National March for Life Ottawa

Hi All,

I just got home at 9:30 pm from the Exodus 2009 - National March for Life Ottawa. It was a tremendous witness for what we as Christians belive in 'Life begins at Conceptions and ends at natural death'.

It was raining in the morning during the speeches and during the march. While this was a slight inconvenience, it did leave for beautiful pictures as the sun was not casting bright shadows and the road provided a lovely refelction.

After the march the rain stopped and than at 3:00pm which as you all know is the HOur of Divine Mercy the sun came out shining brightly down on us. It was as if heaven was weeping during the march for the poor murdered unborn children and then at the Hour of Mercy our Lord Jesus smiled down and poured out His Mercy on all of us and on our nation.

I will be positng pictures and probably opening a new blog or web site to cover the event with all the photographs which me brother in Chirst Efstathios Fillis took with his camera. Keep an eye posted for them.

It was a great pleasure to see the Archbishop of Toronto, Archbishop of Ottawa, Archbishop of Quebec as well as the Archbishop of the Polish Catholic church present amonst many other preists and religious sisters giving witness.


ElizabethT said...

Thanks for your feedback; I was there too, and foudn the whole invent to be invigorating. Here's hoping that those bishops in attendance felt the same way. Do you have any pictures you're able to share?
God bless,

Smiley said...

Hi Elizabeth

Please go to our new blog

It has all the pictures of the National March for life.

Smiley said...


You won the lucky draw prize for the month, which is a leaflet with the novena and prayer of divine mercy. Please leave me a message with your email information (which I wont publish) and then I can post your prize to you.