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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National walk for life in Ottawa

On the 14th May 2009 is the annual National walk for life in Ottawa. The capital of Canada. As you my reader may not know, Canada allows abortions right upto the ninth month. I ask you to pray for my newly adopted home country that her leaders may change these terrible murderous laws. Canada also allows homosexual unions and terms them as marriage. Please pray for us. 


Owen said...

I rode my bike to our local right for life walk this past Sunday in my small Canadian city. Barely 100 people out of a population of 200,000 plus came out and I`d say easily 90% of that hundred were Catholic. Of course, no media were present. We made our silent walk and placed a wreath for the memory of the unborn in front of the hospital that does the majority of abortions in this city. My parish priest was the only clergy present - that is so very sad.

Owen said...

12,000 people took part in the March for Life walk today (May 14th) on The Hill. As far as I can see not one major Canadian media outlet is reporting on it.