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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Blog by a Heralds of the Gospel Seminarian

Dear Reader,

I would like to bring to your attention a new blog by a Herald of the Gospel seminarian.

The blog bears the bane Thabor which is the name of the Major Seminary of the Heralds of the Gospel as well as where their main church is Our Lady of the Rosary.

Please click on the link to see this lovely monastery. I have been there on two occasions and to me it is the closest I will ever get to heaven on earth. Just looking at the pictures makes me joyful.


Shirley said...

I checked out the blog, and since it's in Italian(?I'm woefully ignorant of other languages)I tried their translator button. It does not work too well, when I hit the American Flag button for English, It translated into Chinese for me. Gah!

Smiley said...

Yes it did do that to me too but thn i selected ingles and it worked.

Did you look at the pictures what did you think of them.

I so love Thabor. If you wish i could explain what i know of the place and pictures

RG said...

We are going to be working with their blog to translate things and show their pictures as well.

Smiley said...

Thanks RG that will be a great help

Anonymous said...

Obrigado por criar um link para nosso blog.
Att. Marcelo Rabelo Heralds of the gospel