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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CRTC strikes yet again

I was looking at the news this morning in Google and this hit my eye.

'The CRTC approved a Canadian pay-television pornography channel called Northern Peaks last week on the basis that 50 per cent of its pornographic content would be produced in Canada, which in turn, will also lead to the creation of a pornography industry in Canada.'

..... towards the end of this article

Consider writing to your own cable provider (name and address available on your monthly bill) and advise it that if it includes this pornographic channel on its service list, you will immediately switch providers. If the cable provider believes that doing so will harm business -- the company will refuse the pornography channel.

In addition, write to the CRTC, Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0N2, Fax: 819-994-0218, raising your objections to its approval of this channel -- Canadian content or not.

Fred Henry is the Catholic bishop of Calgary.

This irks me no end. The CRTC would not allow a Catholic Radio station to open up in Toronto. Their reasoning was that the material on the radio station was one sided and not balanced and would also be offensive to certain sections of communities (fornicators, homosexuals, abortionists etc). Yet the CRTC would allow this abomination.

I serious suggest that all Catholics in Canada should mass boycott all cable television in this country. The only way these companies are going to learn a lesson is when we hit them where it hurts the most namely the pocket book. I also urge you all to write to the CRTC.

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