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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

love of truth is love of Christ - Pope John Paul II

Love of truth is love of Christ

There is a pollution of ideas and manners that can lead to human destruction. The pollution is sin, which generates falsehood.
Truth and falsehood. We must realize that falsehood very often presents itself to us under the garb of truth. Our discernment has to be the sharper, therefore, so that we can recognize the truth, the word that comes from God, and shun the temptations that come from the Father of Lies. I have in mind that sin which consists in denying God, in rejecting the light. As it says in St. John's Gospel, ' the true light' was in the world: the Word 'by whom the world was made but whom the world did not acknowledge (cf John 1:9 - 10).
' The truth contained in the Father's word. ' Yes, that is what we ought to say when we recognize Jesus Christ as the Truth. 'What is Truth?' Pilate asked Him. Pilate's tragedy was that he had the Truth in front of him in the person of Jesus Christ and couldn't recognize it.
This tragedy must not be repeated in our own lives. Christ is the centre of the Christian faith which the Church proclaims today as she has always done, to every man and woman. God was made man. 'The Word became flesh and dwelt among us' (John 1:14). In Jesus Christ the eye of faith beholds the human being as it can be and as God wishes it to be. At the same time Jesus reveals the Father's love for us. But the Truth is Jesus Christ. Love the Truth! live in the Truth! Carry the Truth to the world! Be witnessed to the Truth. Jesus is the Truth that saves; he is the whole Truth to which the Spirit of Truth will leads us (cf. John 16:13).

Dear young people, let us seek the truth about Christ and about his Church! but we must be consistent: let us love the Truth, live in the Truth, proclaim the Truth! O Christ, show us the Truth. Be the only Truth for us!'

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