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Friday, August 6, 2010

Religious commitment - Pope John Paul II

Religious commitment

Religion: this is not hot news, sensational today and forgotten tomorrow. The Faith is not some teaching to be adapted to one's needs, as occasion dictates. It was neither invented by us nor created by us. The Faith is the great divine gift which Jesus Christ has given to the Church. St Paul says in his Letter to the Romans: 'The faith comes from preaching, and the preaching in turn comes from the word of Christ' (Romans 10:17). Believers find their foundation in Jesus Christ, who lives on in his Church through the centuries till Judgement Day.

The Faith draws its life from the traditions of the Church. Only in her can we be sure of finding the truth of Jesus Christ. Only a living branch of that tree, the Church community, can draw strength from her roots.

Today I exhort you to hold fast to the Church's Faith. This is what your mothers and fathers did before you. Keep the Faith yourselves and hand it on in turn to your children. This is the reason for my pastoral journey to you here: 'I want to make clear to you, brothers, what the message of the Gospel that I preached to you and that you accepted is, in which you stand firm' (1 Corinthians 15:1)

Without a firm faith, you will have no standards, and you will be a prey to the varying teachings of the day. Admittedly, today there are indeed some environments where the true doctrine is no longer accepted, and where new teachers to suit every taste are always being run after; but these will beguile you, as St Paul foretold. Do not let yourselves be deceived. Pay no heed to the prophets of egotism who put a distorted interpretation on the development of the individual,who offer an earthly doctrine of salvation and who want to build a world without God.

To be able to say 'Credo' - 'I believe' - we must be ready to deny ourselves, to give ourselves; we must also be ready to make sacrifices, to renounce Ourselves and to have a generous heart. For those who are brave enough for this, the darkness dissolves. Those who believe have found the beacon assuring them of a safe journey. Those who believe know which way to go and can get their bearings. Those who believe have found the right way, and no folly of whatever false teacher can ever mislead
them any more. Believers, having a sure foundation, are prepared to live their lives in a way which is worthy of a human being and pleasing to God. Aware that their lives are drawing to a close, believers can assent when God calls them to himself.

True, it must be admitted that life in the Church today is not the most comfortable way of living. It is less trouble to adapt to circumstance and take cover. Nowadays accepting the Faith and living it means going against the stream, To opt for this needs strength and courage.

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